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Taiwan Headquarter  
【Taiwan Headquarter】

Established in 1979, the Taiwan site is the headquarters of T-MEC. This site is the operation, administration and research centers of the corporation.
Shanghai Factory  
【Shanghai Factory】

The Shanghai factory established in 2002 is the production center of Eastern China which occupies 13200m2 . With fully-equipped assembly lines .
Huizhou Factory  
【Huizhou Factory】

This site located in the Huizhou area is the major production center in Southern China. The facility was established in 2014 and occupies an 26539m2 lot. With the fully equipped assembly lines this site provides flexible service to meet customers’ production schedules.
China Domestic Sales Office  
【China Domestic Sales Office】

The office is the business center for customers in China domestic.
North America Branch Office  
【North America Branch Office】

Mectelligence International Inc.
The business office serves oversea customers with the exception of those in Southern Asia. This site covers customers from Europe and America.
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